• We create smart systems and web services for businesses and for individuals

    It’s much easier to get the best concepts and applications for your sites prepared beforehand rather than to try to convince everyone of changes or modifications once the site has already been created.

  • We make smart systems and web services that are specifically design to be beneficial for businesses as well as individuals and entrepreneurs.

    You can be an author of great ideas, but this is not always enough! You must also be able to bring these ideas accurately and convincingly to the minds and attention of others; otherwise, you will not achieve very much no matter how amazing your concepts may be

  • Were here to create these business-savvy smart systems and web services for you.

    If you want to succeed in business, then try to understand what is happening in the minds of people

Our works


We do not sell services - we solve business problems and people's problems on the internet

  • Smart solution service:

    We will develop a product that will help solve the client's problem(s) and increase the credibility of your company. We are eager to collaborate and ready to offer you a set of specially customized tools depending on the needs and goals of your company.

  • Consulting, automation, analytics:

    We will implement an information system to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign based upon sales data in conjunction with tools for automating and systematizing your business.

  • Performance decision:

    With a single solution, you will get a far more effective return on all internet marketing channels that are most beneficial for your business.

Team of professionals:

Professionals take part in each project. The minimum age of a specialist is 27 years old. The maximum length of service in an information technology environment is 20 years.

  • Digital strategists
  • Programmers
  • Web analytics
  • Designers
  • SEO specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Content marketers
  • SMO specialists


When ordering a variety of services, we introduce and provide free tools to optimize all business processes and train all necessary individuals to work with them.

  • IP telephony

    Virtual PBX will allow you to use the most advanced functions within your business: voice menu, call transfer and call forwarding, auto attendant, call recording, CRM integration, and much more.

    'CRM' System:

    This is a system for collecting customer data, managing transactions, controlling managers, analytics, and forecasting. This system simplifies the regular routine, speeds up making more accurate and correct decisions, and assists in eliminating mistakes.

  • Chat Bot:

    Chat bots for business can be used to automate routine operations for clients or for managers. Almost everything that can be done through the web interface can be done through the chatbot interface.

    Call Tracking:

    Call tracking binds each call to a specific source, allowing you to collect information specific to each interaction. With this method of data collection, it allows for understanding which channels are most effective and which are the least effective for your business.

  • complex solution

    from $4000


We search for and identify your needs, then offer solutions that combine strategy, design, technology, analytics, high-quality content, and marketing tactics, in conjunction with tools for business systematization.

The result is projects that benefit and make your business successful and convenient!

Development of portals, services, SAAS and b2b web systems

Development of complex projects, portals, services, SAAS and b2b web systems

Corporate business site development

Great for business people who want to increase fame

Mobile applications

Full range of services: From consultations on the effectiveness of mobile solutions to the publication and technical support of the project itself)

Service maintenance

The range of services aimed at maintaining the continued performance and relevance of your Internet project

Online stores

Design, prototyping, development, tech support, online stores

Promotional Sites (SPA)

Solve all tasks within one page! (Used for SaaS services, promotional sites, as part of other systems.)

+140 works

we can show you in the office personally

About Our Company

The company "Rogachev & Partners" was established in 2013. To date, we have successfully implemented more than 140 high-quality, intriguing projects.

Our team specializes in having an approach of excellence when it comes to the production of smart sites and web services. We identify your specific needs and offer solutions that integrate strategy, design, technology, analytics, marketing, and advertising all into one ideal package.

Collaboration with specialists from other countries allows you to quickly solve the problems of any clients with any level of complexity in their concerns.

We are constantly learning new things and not afraid to say it, so we always have something to offer you!